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Welcome to Webridge, the online IRB & IACUC Submission, Tracking, and Review System

If you do not yet have a Webridge account (user ID and password), please click on the "Request Account" link above for instructions. If you already have an account, you may start using the system by clicking on the "Login" link above. Once you are logged into Webridge, you will be able to complete activities based on your role(s).

If you have any questions about Webridge, please contact the Office of Research Compliance and Quality Improvement at (310) 423-3783 or irb@cshs.org.

The Webridge system has been in production since July 23, 2004 for the IRB and August 17, 2006 for the IACUC.    

IRB LIVE CHAT, Get real-time answers to your IRB questions by using the chat function in Webridge. AVAILABLE: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.

Webridge February, 2, 2015 Update

A patch, which addressed regulatory and institutional requirements related to human subjects research was completed on February 2, 2015, and included the following:

  • A new Smartform application for quality improvement projects
  • Enhancements to the amendment application and approval notice to clarify Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements for re-consent
  • Expansion of “Exempt” status to non-federally funded and non-FDA-regulated research studies that remain open for data analysis purposes only
  • Addition of new views to address requirements for community based participatory research
  • Other administrative updates related to the processing of IRB submissions

In some cases, the IRB application may require research teams to address new and required questions. Additional edits also were made to the IACUC Application.

Please direct any questions or concerns regarding this recent Webridge update to the Office of Research Compliance and Quality Improvement, 310-423-3783, or irb@cshs.org.

Detailed information on these changes can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Webridge Feb. 2, 2015, Update Summary (PDF)



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